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January 08 2018


Training and Culture Help Telemarketers Succeed

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The key to a good income is a solid company that values its employees. Companies that offer excellent pay plus benefits tend to attract the best employees and train them to do the job well so they are sure to succeed. Many college students and single parents try telemarketing because it offers them the opportunity to make a significant amount of money without a lot of experience. Unfortunately though, few companies offer the training and culture necessary to succeed.


Although there are similar elements to every telemarketing job, every company has unique products and services. Gold Mountain Communications trains employees so they not only know how to sell, they are comfortable answering questions about the products they're selling. Technology should not prevent a person from doing their best at work because they don't understand the technology. The top employers ensure their sales reps know how to make the most of the technology available to them so they can maximize their earnings. Companies like this know they earn more when they pay their sales reps a generous commission on every sale. After receiving the training they need to succeed, telemarketers can earn as much as $60 per hour.


The company culture can be a strong determining factor in whether a telemarketing representative earns a lot of money or not. At companies like Gold Mountain Communications, employees love to come in to work every day. They feel supported by their supervisors, mentors and team members. If they ever need to question or need to vent, they know they can do so safely, without judgment from their peers. The company understands that sales is stressful and Gold Mountain creates a culture where employees feel respected and therefore, they are more productive.

A company that honors and respects both employees and clients tends to have longer-tenured employees who are willing to help new hires succeed. This is the case with Gold Mountain Communications and why people love working there. College students, recent graduates and people who have been out of the work force for a while find a place they can call home when they work for a company that provides them with ongoing training and a culture that shows them they are a valued member of the team. The telemarketers who take their role at the company seriously may be able to earn substantially more than they would be able to at almost any other job.

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